Thank you for your interest in Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness.  I am so excited and just ... giddy, really ... that you have landed here and have chosen to learn more about the services offered.  

A Better Way

Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness began as no more than a question - how to provide comprehensive, effective services & products that address the root cause of symptoms,using food as medicine?


I knew that in order to address many of the health issues I had (read more about my story here), an integrative approach would be necessary, and essentially built Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness around the needs of so many friends and family that were living with chronic disease, autoimmune conditions, or just didn't feel that they were living their best life. 

When we look at the factors contributing to symptoms or disease conditions, they include genetics, lifestyle or environmental toxins. I am committed to helping you not only slow or stop the progression of degenerative disease, but inspire you to create an intentional outcome with your health by addressing these factors utilizing a root cause approach. I call this signature program The Kaizen Core, which focuses on 4 key areas: restoring gut health, design a food solution, support mitochondria and adrenals, and remove toxins.

How I can inspire intentional outcomes

  • Health at any weight

    • The number on the scale or size clothing in the closet is not an indicator of health status;

    • It is far more effective to focus on creating the healthiest possible outcomes for yourself through modifiable lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, stress management as well as the function of your body systems to create optimal health at any weight or size.

  • Autoimmune Spectrum

    • There are over 150 autoimmune conditions, and because autoimmune disease can impact any organ, it can be a catalyst for other conditions such as heart disease or diabetes;

    • The good news is that autoimmune disease falls on a spectrum and intentional actions can be taken to limit disease progression and significantly improve your quality of your life.

  • Preparing your Health for Retirement

    • There is a focus on planning for pregnancy in our earlier years, and then we spend decades planning for our retirement, but fail to prepare our health for retirement;

    • Working in advance of retirement to create intentional health outcomes through improved sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress management, as well as address the function of body systems to create new habits that will protect your retirement nest egg from unnecessary medical expense.

what I believe to be true

  • there is a difference between optimal and good, and to live our best life, we need to support our body, mind and spirit;

  • by providing greater diversity in our food choices through different colors, textures, herbs, and spices we maximize our ability to receive the wide range of nutrients our body needs for optimal function;

  • optimal nutrition does not mean giving up our favorite food traditions, comfort foods, or special treats - it may mean making some adjustments to the quality without compromising the flavor and emotional connection we feel with certain foods;

  • we vote with our dollars and thus have the ability to be mindful of the impact our choices make on our health, and limit our exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals;

  • clients are the experts in their own lives and therefore best able to determine which small changes can be made to reap large dividends toward optimal health.

Services Offered

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Consultations, MRT food sensitivity test, DUTCH hormone testing, SIBO Testing, micro-nutrient and cardiovascular testing, genetic testing, and more

  • Discounted vitamins and supplements

  • Organic Skincare, essential oils, and more products for mind, body & spirit


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BS Education, MS Nutrition, Registered Dietitian (RD), Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN), Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP), Certified Leap Therapist (CLT), Reiki II Practitioner, Aromatherapist

Licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and accessible to clients in a number of other states, depending on their licensing requirements.

Clients with insurance other than BCBSNC or United Healthcare may also see me at Duke Integrative Medicine. You can call their office at (866) 313-0959 to verify benefits and make an appointment. Nutrition services (as well as acupuncture or massage) do not require a DIM membership to take advantage of these services - just make an appointment! Note that appointment times are shorter at DIM due to the nature of their scheduling process, but if you feel this option works best for you, I encourage you to give them a call.