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With over 1400 chemicals banned in Europe and only 30 banned in the US - carefully scrutinizing your personal care routine is more important than ever before - so don't forget your skin!  The last time a law was passed regarding personal care products was 1938 when a gallon of gas was 10 cents, a car cost $763 and Superman made his first appearance in a comic book!

Environmental toxins play a large role in development of disease and increased inflammation throughout your body.  As we work together to heal and support your body from the inside out, Kaizen has also done the hard work of vetting, and trying dozens of products to offer you the best recommendations for personal care cosmetics.

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Take a look at Beauty Counter's Never List and see if you need to make a switch to safer cosmetics.

We love the Flawless in Five for a quick, simple routine that highlights the authentic beauty in every woman.

Join the Band of Beauty for only $29 and receive a credit of 15% on every order you place, a free full size product, free shipping over $100, and free returns!

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Smooth Shave— $102 ($113 value) Daily Exfoliating Cleanser Clarifying Toner Pads Smoothing Shave Cream Oil-Free Face Lotion

Better Beard— $111 ($123 value) Daily Exfoliating Cleanser Clarifying Toner Pads Oil-Free Face Lotion Conditioning Beard Oil

I Want It ALL - Make it a collection—$188 ($209 value)