Kaizen Nutrition & Wellness offers a select number of internship opportunities each year. Interns may be graduate or post graduate students, Dietetic Interns or Certified Nutrition Specialist candidates, interested in integrative and functional nutrition practice.

Learning experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Utilization of the Functional Matrix and Timeline in collecting client history, including exposures, mediators and perpetuators that help to identify the root cause of their dis-ease and symptoms

  • Case management and coordination of care

  • Functional laboratory testing and evaluation

  • Research and application of the use of supplements, herbal medicines, and aromatherapy

  • Therapeutic diets and resources

  • Nutrition-focused physical exam

  • Private practice administration

  • Recipe development and demonstration

Applications open annually in May and close by July 1. Interviews via video of phone are optional. The number of integrative and functional interns accepted varies annually based on the preceptors ability to provide valuable experience to meet the students needs, and credentialing or educational requirements. All interns are required to complete an application and sign an Intern Agreement and HIPAA Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Statement. Internships may be 2-4 weeks for dietetic interns or run throughout the full calendar year, depending on the needs of the student and availability of preceptors for supervision. No clinical supervision is offered virtually, and must be in the office setting, however, some projects may be completed outside the office.