Insurance Accepted


Some plans cover nutrition counseling at 100%, no deductible, and no limit - which is fantastic! Some insurance plans only cover certain conditions such as diabetes or kidney failure, and still others will pay for any condition- but require proof of medical necessity beforehand. We can sort this out and determine benefits before we begin. If you do not have insurance or benefits that will cover the cost of services, you may use your HSA or Flex Spending account, or private pay.

insurances accepted

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield NC

  • United Healthcare


Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of eligibility or payment; actual payment is based on terms and conditions of your plan. All claims are subject to review as insurance may only cover dietary services that are reasonable or necessary.


Note that insurance benefits generally do not cover Telehealth services (online), and require in-office visits.

verification of benefits

Before we work together, I can call to verify your insurance benefits for you, and will file your insurance claims.

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Set up an account on Healthie, and schedule a 30-minute exploratory call. You will then receive an email prompting you to complete initial paperwork including the insurance form.

fax Personal Insurance Verification form

For those not ready to set up an account, you can complete the Insurance Verification Form below and fax to (919) 948-2383 or email to

Personal Insurance Form