Are essential oils on your bucket list too?

Savasana.  Just the word evokes a calm, relaxing sensation of heaviness, weighted down toward the worn wood plank floor that you can feel under your hands as they relax open out to your sides.  The gift given to your body as you reflect on how you feel about the practice just completed-  areas for growth, areas needing additional relaxation and release, and certainly, in the early years of my yoga practice – just a reward for finishing without falling or injuring myself!  But the best part has always been the surprise moment (even though you know it is coming) when your yoga instructor seems to magically appear at your shoulders to gently push your shoulders down toward the wood floor and create relaxation in your pectoral muscles or massage your forehead and temples in circular motions that you try to remember but are too relaxed to do so.  Then – wait for it – the waft of essential oils comes.  My. Favorite. Part.

When I started looking at essential oils, it was because they were cool.  If we are being honest here, they were effective at creating a relaxing, introspective, hippy vibe that I LOVED and aspired to have despite my full time non-profit job, part time clinical work, 2 kids, husband, a dog, etc. etc.  Because I work in a field that is heavily grounded in science, I naturally felt like I needed something along the lines of a PhD in essential oils just to use or recommend them.  Thank goodness such a thing doesn't really exist or I might have just done that!  

My research led me to a fantastic online program from  It was thorough, affordable, reputable and heavily grounded in science plus anecdotal wisdom of what works, which I have found to be as important as the science.  Initially I used oils recommended in the aromatic studies “kits” through Still Point Aromatics, which are very concentrated, high quality, but a little expensive.  For me, it is always to a challenge to balance quality/ sustainability with price. 

I have looked into many of the other resale products and models and just never felt comfortable with the organizations transparency and sustainable practices – that’s just me – it is important to gravitate toward what you resonate with and feel comfortable purchasing, reselling, or using yourself.  I stumbled upon NYR Organics years before and began buying many of the essential oils based skin care products for myself and as gifts.  This year, they have dramatically expanded their essential oil line, added training and resource materials that will increase the safety of use and resale, and added an Essential Oil Consultant Joining Offer.  I would encourage you to take a look at NYR Organics for essential oils because of the transparency and sustainability of their products, the ethics of the organization, and the ability to use your consultancy how you choose – either to build a business, or just buy products at a 25% discount for yourself, friends and family.  The best part is that you only have to purchase/sell $100 annually to remain an active consultant.

Now, when I lay on the mat in Savasana and the waft of essential oils comes – my geeky brain immediately goes to “Ahhh – that’s Bergamot.  I love Bergamot and it goes great with a little Lavender and Ylang Ylang.” I just cannot help myself!

The take away is – if essential oils are on your bucket list, PLEASE, PLEASE do your research and do not waste money on cheaper brands that could be adulterated or cut with other oils.  Research the companies, determine what is important to you – sustainability?  Fair trade?  Transparency? Organic vs. non-organic, etc. and make a choice.  Remember that essential oils are very powerful concentrated essences and dilute them in a diffuser, carrier oil or lotion before using, and use in well ventilated areas.  View this Essential Oils at a Glance guide to get an idea of which oils meet your needs: