Jill is an Integrative and Functional Dietitian/Nutritionist, Reiki practitioner, aspiring aromatherapist and herbalist who relies on her experience as a former teacher to educate and empower individuals and groups to develop an understanding of their health history in order to draw connections and inspire intentional outcomes for health and wellness.

My approach to nutrition is that to live our best life, we need to support our body, mind, and spirit. Through greater diversity in our food choices – color, texture, and flavor - we maximize our ability to receive a wide range of nutrients our body needs for optimal function. Healthy eating does not mean giving up our favorite food traditions - it may mean making adjustments to the quality without compromising the flavor and emotional connection we feel with certain foods. Ultimately, clients are the experts in their own lives and therefore best able to determine which small changes can be made to reap large dividends toward optimal health.

Our Team is expanding this summer and fall, so we will be sure to let you know when they come on board!