Testing Overview

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Poor blood sugar regulation and unhealthy cholesterol levels often present long before a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. The CardioMetabolic, Pre-Diabetes, and LPP™ lipoprotein particle size tests offer clinically relevant evaluation to help define risk for cardiovascular disease, progression toward Type 2 Diabetes, and inflammation. It is estimated that as high as 50% of those who have suffered a cardiac event have “normal” cholesterol level, which makes particle size evaluation an essential part of your wellness plan.

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A mediator release test can tell you how strongly your immune cells react to the foods and food chemicals tested by measuring intracellular mediator release indirectly. When released from immune cells, chemical mediators such as histamine, cytokines, and prostaglandins produce damaging effects on the body’s tissues, leading to the development of symptoms.  A temporary elimination diet allows the immune cells to substantially reduce reactivity and therefore reduce symptoms.

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Genetics are not always destiny, however, in certain instances, a genetic test can provide valuable answers to:

  • which medications are best for your genetics to avoid adverse reactions

  • nutrigenomic strategies for a number of physiological, behavioral and clinical conditions

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Hormone testing can provide insight into:

  • sex hormones and their metabolites

  • adrenal stress response

  • thyroid hormones and potential nutrient deficiencies

  • cycle mapping for women struggling with infertility, irregular cycles, PCOS, pre-menopause and PMS

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Traditional blood work provides a short-term measurement of various nutrients, whereas the micro-nutrient test uses your WBC to measure inside the cell how your body is utilizing those nutrients. This provides a long term evaluation of your nutritional status, and can provide valuable information for more targeted supplementation and dietary modifications to boost nutrient intake.

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Many every day exposure to environmental toxins through products such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, packaging, household products, heavy metals, and pollution are linked to chronic illnesses. Mycotoxin exposure from mold is becoming an increasing health concern for many individuals, linked to food and chemical sensitivities, anxiety, chronic fatigue and numerous other conditions.

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The Comprehensive Stool Analysis detects the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as yeast, parasites and bacteria that contributes to chronic illness and neurological dysfunction. Additionally, the report identifies the best treatment supplement or medication, which can significantly reduce treatment time.

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The Organic Acids Test provides information about the body’s biochemical balance by measuring metabolic byproducts in urine. It tests for 74 metabolites that can indicate vitamin and hormone metabolism, energy cycle function, neurotransmitter and muscle function. The OAT detects overgrowth of yeast and bacteria as well.